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Hair Stimulant for Growth & Strength IKAROV 125 ml  Essential Oils 

Hair stimulant nourishes hair roots thus strengthening and stimulating its growth. It imparts shine, vitality and volume. It is suitable for all hair types, for men and women. These are herbal extracts of milfoil, nettles and nasturtium and almond oil in which four essential oils are dissolved: rosemary, lavender, bergamot and ylang-ylang. Almond oil is a powerful, natural stimulant of growth, nutrition and strengthening the hair. The extracted three herbs contained in it have traditionally been used by herbal medicine, doctors and in cosmetics too. Of the essential oils, the rosemary one is known as a very strong stimulant and a basic means against hair-loss. Lavender oil is also a basic oil against hair-loss and dandruff, it helps the normal vital activity of hair roots. Ylang-ylang and bergamot oils regulate oiling and strengthen the hair.

How to use:Drip into hair roots directly from the vial or apply drops of the stimulant on the tips of your fingers and by light circular motions rub into the hair roots; afterwards with your fingers and palms massage all the hair and skin of the head. The massage of the skin of the head improves blood circulation and root nutrition. For better effect it is advisable to cover the hair with a plastic cap and a towel over it for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards, with a little more shampoo than usually, the stimulant is washed away completely.

How often:now often? You can use the shampoo before every washing - it depends on the condition of your hair and your determination to improve it. Using a bigger amount of the stimulant than necessary only makes washing more difficult.
When and who must avoid using it. 
When and who must avoid using it :Unpleasant reactions may occur with people over sensitive and allergic to essential oils (although in the hair stimulant they are in low and safe concentration). In this case an advance test by dabbing inside bent of the elbow or underarm is recommended. If within 24 hours there is no reddening or any other allergic reaction, you can use the stimulant safely. Due to the same reason the stimulant is not recommended until the 6th month of pregnancy. 

Product Country of Origin: Bulgaria

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