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Milva Shampoo

Stops the development of pathogenic fungi that cause dandruff
Soothes and helps to heal red, inflammed & irritated scalp
Keeps scalp healthly and moisturized
Effective remedy against excessively oily hair and skin
Helps increase strength and elasticity of hair

Product description
The secret of Milva Anti-Dandruff & Seborrhea Pine Tar Shampoo is that, at low concentrations, Pine Tar stops the development of pathogenic fungi that cause dandruff. Regular and prolonged use of Milva Pine Tar Shampoo leads to gradual reduction and then complete disappearance of dandruff and seborrhea*. The Shampoo soothes and helps to heal red, inflamed and irritated skin on the scalp. (It is also used for prevention of allergies, eczema and psoriasis). The Shampoo is an effective remedy against excessively oily hair and skin and it helps to increase the strength and elasticity of the hair. Regular use of Milva Pine Tar shampoo keeps the scalp moisturized; sloughs off dead skin cells; helps to reverse hair loss by healing the scalp and enabling hair to grow again; gets rid of dandruff and seborrhea and helps prevent its re-occurrence.

TO USE: Wet hair thoroughly. Pour required amount of shampoo into the palms of the hands and lather into the hair. Ensure whole length of hair is treated. Massage the shampoo well into the skin of the scalp. Rinse out thoroughly with comfortably warm water. (Do not use very hot water). If possible, allow hair to dry naturally. Avoid contact with the eyes. If any shampoo gets into the eyes, rinse out well with clean water.


* Please note the condition Seborrhea is prone to return when treatments stop.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

About Milva

The  Bulgarian Brand  Milva has more than 20 years history on the  market. 
The cosmetic series Milva include shampoos, waters, lotions, 
ointments and vaselines, made from the highest quality ingredients. 
The formula of every product is under constant improvement 
in order to provide maximum quality and effect! 
All products Milva include in their ingredients natural substances, 
aiming to resolve certain dermatological issues and also constant hair care.

Nia-Milva's twenty-year history and the reputation we are enjoying are just some of our strengths. The high quality of our products is the result of both the good knowledge and application of the best manufacturing practices in the cosmetics and perfumery industry, as well as of our values, which we constantly strive for.
The herbs are carefully preserved and used to the extent closest to their natural state, limiting the unnecessary mechanical and chemical impact on them. In this way they retain their properties for longer. The direct touch with them is touch with nature, leaving behind the unique feeling of freshness and purity.

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