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DeBa Natural Shampoo with Chamomile  Hair 500 ml.

Product description:

  -Natural shampoo for normal and oily hair  have antiseptic effect, regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and prevent dandruff. 

Active ingredient: Chamomile 

How to use: On a wet hair apply 8-10 ml shampoo. Rub gently till foam and rinse with water. It is recommended to repeat the procedure.

Product Country of Origin: Bulgaria


RUBELLA is a leading Bulgarian cosmetics company with nearly 20-year-long traditions in the production and trade with hygienic and cosmetic products. Its product list includes: products for oral and dental hygiene, hair care products, facial and body cosmetics, male series.

The Company is constantly expanding its market share and is occupying key positions both on the domestic and on international markets. It is the biggest Bulgarian exporter of cosmetic and hygienic products for the countries of the CIS, CEFTA, the European Union, the Balkan region, Asia and elsewhere. The trademarks Dental, Deva, etc. are well known and sought as optimum combination of good quality and attractive price, and they successfully compete with recognised world trademarks in their respective class.

RUBELLA is the only Bulgarian cosmetics company that guarantees fully completed technological cycle in the production of toothpastes and cream-like products in laminate tubes. The production of the company's own laminate foil and packages makes its production competitive, being an additional guarantee of the quality and reliability of the products.

As a result of the modern management system, the high technological potential and the successful product policy, which follows the global tendencies in the development of the cosmetics sector, the annual volume of the production increases by about 20%. The Company develops and consistently implements significant investment projects connected with the introduction of new technologies, reconstruction and modernisation of the technological equipment in the main productions.

The Company is a permanent partner of recognised companies in the world - suppliers of high-quality raw materials for the cosmetic and hygiene industry, like Quest, Haarman & Reimer GmbH, Degussa, Lowenstein, etc

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